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How it works - 4 easy steps

  • Start a conversation

    Select the "Chat Tab" to start a conversation while viewing your video.
    Select from the suggested questions or begin typing your own to initiate the conversation.


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  • Check TalkBud answer and when it is mentioned in the video

    To skip to the video segment where we address this question, click on the timestamp to view the original answer source.


  • Get a summary for your video

    Often, we're unaware of what we don't know. Thus, summarizing the entire video can be beneficial before asking questions.


  • Continue previous conversation

    Never lose track of your history; always return to continue the conversation.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

TalkBud is a powerful Chrome extension designed to enhance your YouTube experience and allow you to get instant answers to your questions about video content without having to watch the entire video. Not only that, it also offers concise summaries and quick content overviews, ensuring you get the most valuable information in a fraction of the time. With TalkBud, you can effortlessly delve into the essence of videos, saving time while ensuring you stay well-informed.

TalkBud adds a convenient panel in the top right corner of YouTube pages. Easily navigate to the chat tab, pose questions about the video content, and receive precise answers – including the exact timestamps for relevant information within the video. Alternatively, explore the summary tab to efficiently grasp key points without the need for extensive viewing. No more overlooking essential details; TalkBud provides you with concise and accurate summaries, putting vital information at your fingertips with ease.

TalkBud allows engaging conversations about YouTube videos with some usage limits for optimal performance. Each day, you can discuss up to 5 videos, with a maximum of 10 questions per video. Additionally, you can summarize up to 3 videos daily. These limits ensure a fair and seamless user experience while making the most of TalkBud’s features.

TalkBud is compatible with all YouTube videos with transcripts. It's designed to provide answers for a wide range of video content.

Yes, TalkBud offers a free version with basic features. However, there will be premium features available for a subscription fee.

Currently, TalkBud is available as a Chrome extension. Support for other web browsers may be in development in the future.

Yes, TalkBud values your privacy and does not collect personal data. Your interactions with the extension are kept secure and confidential.

TalkBud strives for high accuracy in providing answers. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze video content and locate the relevant information.

Currently, TalkBud is designed for the Chrome browser on desktop computers. We are working on creating support for mobile devices it may be available soon.

If you have questions or encounter issues with TalkBud, you can reach out to our support team and contact us via email at

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